Can dogs can cancer

Do you have a dog as a pet? Dogs are one of the best pets in human beings. It has been described as a human being by many. Well just like a human, a dog can get cancer too. It has been there for several years. If one day you wake up and take your dog to a veterinary and wait in the waiting bay. You will be shocked. You will be surprised with the puppies that are there and have been diagnosed with a different type of cancer. A research study has shown 50% of owners’ dog have been diagnosed with cancer, click here to visit the Blue Buffalo foundation for more statistics.

Specialists have proved this cancer that it is one of the leading cause of death of pets. But most cancer at early stages is curable. I guess you are asking yourself what causes high cancer rate in dogs, right? Well back in the day’s dogs died from an illness that is common or maybe was hit by vehicles. But nowadays people have come up with practical ways of keeping their dog safe. Well yes, a dog can get cancer.


Cancer rate has been high since dogs have got longer lifespan hence increasing their chances of getting cancers. Some dogs have genes that have genetic components. Some dogs are more prone to cancer than the other pet.

Most of the dogs have cancer due to mutations in the genes. These can cause the male and female reproductive cells to be passed on to puppies. It gives rise to tumors that are of different types.

They can have cancer due to predisposing factors. As I had told you earlier dogs nowadays are taken care of just as human and mostly as a family member. They can be exposed to environmental factors like tobacco smoke, choking and poisonous chemicals from factories and even the dangerous UV rays from sunlight.

Dogs can get cancer from the way an owner is handling the pet. From statistics taken many of the veterinaries oncologists, it shows that dog’s lifestyle is essential. Dog owners should know what they are giving or how they make their pet to live. Nutrition, hormones, viruses, and carcinogens that as the UV light, waste products and pesticides usually increase the risk of your dog to get or have cancer. So watch out!

Dogs have the high chances of acquiring or getting mammary cancer. For first time dogs that are experiencing heat cycle, it is said that there are 0.5% chances of that dog to escape the mammary gland during their whole life. The span increases to 8% if they have had their first heat cycle and it goes up to a rate of 26% if it is spayed when they have done their second heat cycles.

There are some things that you need to consider when having a dog as a pet.

·  Take your dog to the veterinary specialists regularly for checkups.

·  Check the signs and symptoms of cancer.

Signs and symptoms of cancer in dogs.

·  The presence of a lump.

·  A wound that does not heal faster.

·  Any swelling.

·  Enlarged lymph nodes.

·  Abnormal bleeding.

Don’t let your dog have cancer. It will be so painful to learn that your dear loving pet is having health issues. The earlier, the better.