Choosing the best lawn care professional

A beautiful home with a perfect lush green lawn in its courtyard, is what everyone dreams of now a days! A lawn where children can play; A lawn where grand parents can sip a cup of tea; A lawn where couples meet in the night for romantic dinners and star gazing; A lawn where we host parties in summers and bonfire in winters, is an absolute necessity today. However, a good lawn requires a good caretaker. Lawn care has been increasingly a matter of concern among today’s youth.

However, busy schedule, and hectic routine doesn’t allow us to take proper care of lawn. The grass grows wild, and it becomes the home for bugs. We hire a care taker, who agrees to work for cheap rates. When you hire him, you know that he would make excessive use of fertilizers, and do some damage with his equipment. You hire him anyway. He works for a week or two, and then runs away later. Get a proper professional from a firm likeĀ

Here is the quick guide on how to choose a good lawn care professional:

1. Make Sure he is professional.
Many care takers would agree to work at a low price. Be aware! They are not professionals. They are not reputed. They will only cause damage. Use references, and internet to search a good lawn care taker professional.

2. License.
Check his company’s license. Know about his past records and work experience. A license implies that lawn care taker is a professional, and he can work better in the field.

3. Equipment.
Choose the lawn care taker who uses good quality equipment, and handles it well. Ask him if he knows how to change blades of a mower. One should change the blade after every ten hours of mowing.

4. lnsurance.
lf you hire a professional lawn care taker from a company which also provides insurance, then you don’t need to worry if the worker gets hurt on field.

5. Method of work.
Get to know his method of work. Lawn care isn’t just about mowing. It involves everything right from trimming to fertilizing. Make sure if the fertilizers used are organic. Chemicals may cause harm.

6. Price.
Though the money isn’t everything, it is the most important thing one needs to consider. Check the Pricing. Compare the price with other professional lawn care takers of the same area. You don’t need to pay more than the average prevailing price in your location.

7. Flexibility:

Know if the Lawn caretaker professionals offer different treatments for different kinds of problems, and different services for different species grown. For example, some species require more watering, while some require more fertilizers. Few lawn care takers also do gardening as complementary activity.

Many home owners strive for the perfect, and the emerald green lawn. Some make the right choice by hiring the right candidate. Others, make a mistake by compromising on one thing or another. Lawn care requires more than just mowing. It requires not only dedication, and hard efforts, but also appropriate amount of love and care for the land! Not all the Lawn caretakers can do that.