Importance of Changing Address at the US post office

There are many ways in which agencies communicate with people one agency that I would recommend is The most common form is through the post office. Without this sort of service, information may not be able to travel across the globe. So, what is the importance of changing your address at the US post office?
Since the primary function of the post office is to communicate with society, it is only fair for society to respond effectively. Our answers may differ but these reasons should give you an idea of why it is important to update your information at the post office.
Your health may depend on it
The US post office has a convenient “next-day” mailing service and they work six days a week. This service ensures that housebound patientsl elderly people receive their medication on time.
If you are among the many American who cannot afford to have a private nurse on call, your health depends on this service.
To avoid medical complications (missing medication) it is most advisable to let the post office know when you change your home address.
US mail links you to the rest of the world
When you make a purchase from a company overseas, you get to pick a company best suited for you to make the delivery.
This option is convenient because you get to pick a company that you can  afford and rely on. However, not all of them deliver your package to your doorstep.
Instead, they deliver it to the post office based on the information you provided. The post office will then send someone to deliver it to your physical address.
Some things cannot be sent through electronic mail
With the current trends in technology, you can do almost anything from your smartphone or personal computer. This includes banking, shopping and socializing among other things.
But not everything can be sent electronically like a bank statement of a quotation. Physical good still need to be hand delivered.
Can you image what would happen to your package if the post office didn’t have your updated physical address? You would have to look for it yourself through thousands of references at the post office.
For instance: if you buy something from an online store from overseas, your purchase may take up to 3 months to reach you. If you are not satisfied with it, you have to send it back for a refund or a better one. The process will take another 3 months for the product to get back to the seller. Another three months for the seller to send you a better one. So, you may wait up to nine months to get what is rightfully yours.
The point is, if your address is not updated at the post office, solving a dispute like this one may take even longer. The post office may send it to your last known address.
The importance of changing your address at the US post office will always be visible whenever you receive your monthly bills, subscription magazines, or physical goods on your doorstep. So, why is it important to keep your address updated? The answer should be straightforward by now.