Importance of keeping your social security card safe

Over the years, a social security number has become an important identification tool, especially when applying for a driver’s license or opening a bank account. The social security number is usually contained on your social security card. It is therefore advisable to keep your social security card safe.

There are a few good reasons why you are advised to keep your social security card safe and your social security number secret. Learn more at

Losing your social security card or disclosing your social security number could put you at risk of becoming a victim of identity theft. A person with criminal intent and access to your social security number could cause
disorder in the normal operations you carry out from day to day. They could take personal loans, open fraudulent accounts or credit card accounts all under your name. This could cause you emotional turmoil, time wastage and cost you a substantial amount of money as you try to clear yourself of these crimes.

Identity theft can have many forms. A person in possession of your social security number could use it to gain access to medical services and benefits you have subscribed to. This results in medical identity theft. Additionally, a person with your social security number can cause you problems with the Internal Revenue Services (IRS) when they use your number to fill W-4 forms. This can lead to problems especially when filling returns resulting in employment fraud.

Since your social security number can be used to open bank accounts, access medical services, file for employment and other important activities, it is important to be as discreet with it as you possibly can.

Things You Can Do

There are a number of precautions you can take to make sure that important information about you is not leaked to the wrong people.

For starters, you should be careful not to give your social security number to anyone unnecessarily. Whether it is a merchant or a bank official, it is advisable to offer other forms of identification such as a state identification number or your driver’s license.

Additionally, it is good to keep documents that contain such information about you such as your social security card, in a safe and

fireproof place. If you have to get rid of documents that contain information such as your social security
number, make sure that instead of throwing them in the dustbin, you destroy them completely.

Also, you need to be careful of people who call pretending to be working for the IRS and ask you to confirm your social security number. While most people are likely to be dubbed this way or through emails, it is important to realize that institutions such as the IRS cannot ask you to give information that they already have in their systems.

To minimize your chances of becoming an identity theft victim it is important to always beware of information you give out to people. Most important of all is to keep your social security card or any other document that may contain important information about you in a safe place.