Lean How to Lose Belly Fat

Too much belly is not good for your health. Visceral fat that is normally deposited around the heart, liver, lungs can be very dangerous as it can cause a lot of problems. Many formulations on how to lose belly fat are available, but some are not effective. Although there is no ‘magic bullet’ like “calories i need to lose weight” on how to deal with belly fat, this article explains the most effective ways on how to how to lose belly fat:


Aerobic exercise such as biking, running and swimming offers a great way of fighting visceral fat as it gets your heart rate up. Resistant training is also great when it comes to getting rid of belly fat. Studies have shown that jogging for an approximately 12 miles a week is enough to melt the belly fat.


Protein is essential when it comes to loosing belly fat. As you age, the body starts to produce a lot of insulin that promote fat storage, especially around the belly. Taking foods rich in proteins help to minimize the production of the insulin that leads to belly fat.


Saturated fats are packed with visceral fat that results in gaining a lot of belly fat. In a study, some people were given 750 calories of saturated fat while others were given polyunsaturated fat. In the studies, the former gained more visceral fat as compare to the latter that gained more muscles mass and less body fat. Some source of polyunsaturated fats includes seeds, nuts, and fish.


Researchers have shown that consuming one or two tablespoons of vinegar a day for up to eight weeks can help a great deal to reduce the body fat, especially the visceral fat. Some theories reveal that the acetic acid in the vinegar help to produce proteins that help to melt fat in the body.


Yoga is a great and effective exercise, especially for postmenopausal women. 16 weeks of yoga is recommended to yield reasonable results. Yoga help to lower the level stress through reduction of the cortisol hormone, which is the stress hormone linked to the belly fat.


Research has shown that sleeping for less than five hours per night can lead to a high level of visceral fat. Eight hours is the most recommended time to sleep, and that is one way on how to lose belly fat.


It has been shown that people who go to bed and weak up at the same time every day have a lower level of fats as compared to those who sleep irregularly. Chaotic sleeping habits can cause your internal clock to go haywire causing your body to secrete fat-storing hormones such as cortisol.


Green tea is a great fat burner that can help to lose the abdominal fat. The combination of aerobic exercise and green tea can work wonders when it comes to weight loss. Take a daily dose of 625 mg a day and take enough aerobic exercise and you will easily melt the fat.