Lean How to Lose Belly Fat

Too much belly is not good for your health. Visceral fat that is normally deposited around the heart, liver, lungs can be very dangerous as it can cause a lot of problems. Many formulations on how to lose belly fat are available, but some are not effective. Although there is no ‘magic bullet’ like “calories i need to lose weight” on how to deal with belly fat, this article explains the most effective ways on how to how to lose belly fat:


Aerobic exercise such as biking, running and swimming offers a great way of fighting visceral fat as it gets your heart rate up. Resistant training is also great when it comes to getting rid of belly fat. Studies have shown that jogging for an approximately 12 miles a week is enough to melt the belly fat.


Protein is essential when it comes to loosing belly fat. As you age, the body starts to produce a lot of insulin that promote fat storage, especially around the belly. Taking foods rich in proteins help to minimize the production of the insulin that leads to belly fat.


Saturated fats are packed with visceral fat that results in gaining a lot of belly fat. In a study, some people were given 750 calories of saturated fat while others were given polyunsaturated fat. In the studies, the former gained more visceral fat as compare to the latter that gained more muscles mass and less body fat. Some source of polyunsaturated fats includes seeds, nuts, and fish.


Researchers have shown that consuming one or two tablespoons of vinegar a day for up to eight weeks can help a great deal to reduce the body fat, especially the visceral fat. Some theories reveal that the acetic acid in the vinegar help to produce proteins that help to melt fat in the body.


Yoga is a great and effective exercise, especially for postmenopausal women. 16 weeks of yoga is recommended to yield reasonable results. Yoga help to lower the level stress through reduction of the cortisol hormone, which is the stress hormone linked to the belly fat.


Research has shown that sleeping for less than five hours per night can lead to a high level of visceral fat. Eight hours is the most recommended time to sleep, and that is one way on how to lose belly fat.


It has been shown that people who go to bed and weak up at the same time every day have a lower level of fats as compared to those who sleep irregularly. Chaotic sleeping habits can cause your internal clock to go haywire causing your body to secrete fat-storing hormones such as cortisol.


Green tea is a great fat burner that can help to lose the abdominal fat. The combination of aerobic exercise and green tea can work wonders when it comes to weight loss. Take a daily dose of 625 mg a day and take enough aerobic exercise and you will easily melt the fat.

Halloween with the Kids

You and your family including kids like this time of year since you enjoy Halloween and the children love to dress up to go out trick or treating. Despite the fact that you are on a spending you would prefer not to disillusion the children. At that point you remember you don’t need to spend a lot of money, you can purchase their Halloween costumes cheap. Some individuals save considerably more by making their particular clothes.

Nowadays some costumes cost you more than $25, and that is a lot of money only to something that you use for a couple of hours just to trick or to treat. It is hence why you may discover tips on how you can purchase or make cheap Halloween costumes like those from kostoumia – stoles apokriatikes gia mora. These tips are convenient and can save you some money. Why, if you get creative, you may not need to spend any money by any stretch of the imagination.

Use what you have

One tip that you may discover valuable in thinking of cheap Halloween costumes is to utilize things you as of now have in your home. Some individuals circumvent their homes and assemble old clothes so they can come up with a Hobo Halloween costume. Indeed, even clean heads can be utilized as wigs, and you can even creatively color some old clothes and go as a radical.

Be creative

Use an old scarf and tie it around your set out toward a bandanna effect, in case you have some board shorts then you simply purchase a necklace made of lie and go as a vacationer. It just imagines that you are coming up with a unique Halloween costume that does not cost an excessive amount of money. One DIY thought for a cheap costume is to get a dark slip, compose “id’ “sense of self” and “super-conscience” on it and you can be a Freudian slip. Cheap but then exceptionally intelligent in the meantime and all you need to spend money on is some fabric paint and a dark sheet.

Go for cheaper shops

If you are the patient sort, then you can get a cheap Halloween costume from the stores on the off chance that you wait until the last minute to purchase a suit. Most costume shops cut the prices of their costumes as Halloween night draws nearer so if you can wait then this is an extraordinary approach to saving money. On the off chance that you need to know when the best time is to save money and purchase cheap Halloween costumes then you should realize that it is the day after Halloween.

Shop online

In many cases, you can figure out how to make it to the costume store the day after Halloween; you can stock up on cheap clothes that you can set aside to use for next Halloween. If you do this, you may save as much as 75% off the offering price of these Halloween costumes. Without a doubt, Halloween is a time for parties and having a fabulous time, yet with only a little piece of creativity and prescience on your part then you can make it a money-sparing occasion also.

Evaluating whether superfoods are worth the extra cost

Superfoods are consumable, healthy ingredients infused with that extra ounce of vitamins and neutrons compared to your typical mall version of the same ingredient. Naturally also, since super foods cost more than the typical ingredient, their benefit is that they are carefully stripped of any substance which has either no effect on our human bodies, or can in fact be somewhat detrimental.

(The normal way in which the calculation of health benefits versus minor detriments works in the food industry is that the positive effects have to outweigh the negative effects for the food to be considered good for you overall.)

Why consider the extra costs of superfoods as a viable option:

For example, it may be well known that a carrot contains beneficial A vitamins for your eyesight. And because it usually contains many of them (Focused Nutrients that is), a carrot is understood to be a healthy food across the board. Yet, carrots also have high amount of sugar in them and if eaten too often, can become addictive.

We have a similar case with eggs here, when eggs as a super-food can contain a precisely calculated dose of proteins, so that, unlike with the cheaper version of eggs available at your local market, you can avoid the risk of becoming overweight, or even allergic from them.

If you follow a specific dietary program then eggs with only a special amount of protein can help you more precisely calculate how much of them you have to eat in order to achieve consistent results. Apart from that, because something like carrots, or eggs is often cooked as an ingredient to make a specific food, say, a soup maybe, then if reaping all the possible health benefits from what you eat is your explicit aim, cooking superfoods is of course a much better choice than the non-superfood food.

The reason for that is, as you may well already be aware, that by cooking the vitamins and health benefits of food ingredients are naturally decreasing. Yet having a superfood in to be cooked in the first place would of course result in more vitamins and proteins preserved also after the cooking process is already finished.

Measuring difference for whether are superfoods worth the extra cost:
Of course, the main problem when deciding whether to buy a specially tailored superfood ingredient is the price difference between the extra cost of superfoods, and their less optimal relative that most people buy anyway.

The answer to this question of superfood price and benefit is that buying some superfoods, but not all may be the best choice you can make, because while some price differences are bearable, or indeed barely noticeable, others are just the exact opposite, running as much as twice the regular price in some instances.

A general rule of thumb when guessing the price of a superfood is to remember that the more market demand is there for that particular superfood, the lesser the price of each individual item in that category would be for you.

Hence, if the ingredients are sure to be used daily by many people, like the earlier mentioned eggs, carrots, or even honey, apples, tomatoes, potatoes, onions, oranges, lemons, etc.

If you persuade your friends and family to consistently eat healthier, then the price will surely drop after some months even with your local provider. But items like pineapples, avocados, bananas, strawberries, etc, are more luxuries than habitual purchases.

And the extra price difference for a supper food version of those is a waste of money, especially since you can get more of the cheap ones into that bracket and make up the health benefit difference anyway.

Here’s why you should use a travel agency

It is that time of the year again, and travel plans are supposed to be underway, however, due to how busy your schedule has been you have not had the time to make the arrangements for you and everyone else in your group. You have heard that the benefits of using a travel agent will be well worth your while plus save you a lot of time and money.

So why you should use a travel agency? The travel industry is huge, and travel agents have immediate access to available discounts and deals that occur on a frequent basis. This type of access is something that can be of benefit to your traveling needs if you decide to engage the assistance of a travel agency in which otherwise you may not have privy to that type of information.

Having a travel agent helps in a few ways. One, you can establish a working relationship with the agent by which getting to know you, better helps to set a report that then allows the agent to make suggestions that can best fit your requirements and that of your family needs. This type of relationship can help to open doors for extra benefits and added value to your travel time.

While learning you better, the travel expert will know how to find the best deals out there that will be most suitable for your plans. If there is more than one in your party, the agency can accommodate them as well. They can make sure that everyone can get what they need as they travel together.

The travel agency role is to assist you in planning your best trip within your best budget at the location of your design. Travel agents can get a variety of perks such as discount tickets to events or attractions, special hotel bookings, and group discount. These discounts are quite beneficial to large groups that may wish to travel together.

When looking to hire a travel agency, it is a good idea to research them the same as you would your doctor, dentist or any other entity you will be putting your trust in. The relationship you establish with your travel agent is important since the agent or agency will have to reflex your personal taste when it comes to the things that you will expect in your travel needs.

When your travel is prepared by the agency, you can travel as a group. Just as buying in bulk can fetch a lower price at a food wholesaler, your travel agency will be pleased to seek added discounts for you if you’re traveling in a group. If you tell your travel agency that you need tickets for a party of four or even five people, the likely of obtaining great deals is higher

Some travel agency has gone web based (check out турфирма в астане) and will allow you to access a few of their special fares and deals online. Their website will allow you to access many vacation sites with a click. You can view the secluded hideaways with the luxurious hotels, sandy beaches and the most of the romantic getaways.

Why air ducts need to be cleaned

Homeowners always ignore air ducts. It is because these air ducts are not even visible in the house. They said that it is always hidden so it can be left unclean. They think that as long as the air ducts can do its job efficiently, there is no need for it to be cleaned. However, leaving it unclear is not a good idea. Air ducts are30esponsible for providing cool air when it is summer and provides warm air during the winter season. It is one of the most important things in your house, and more problems may occur in your home if air duct is cleaned properly. You can also end up wasting more money in the long run.The following are a reason why air ducts need to be cleaned regularly.

If you want your home to be safe, it will not be difficult to clean your air ducts. You can even hire a professional cleaner like Air Duct Cleaning Houston, TX to clean your air ducts. Air Duct Cleaning Houston, TX offers professional cleaning services for the air ducts inside your home. The question here is, do you need to clean the air ducts regularly and do you have to waste money in hiring a professional cleaner? Here are the reasons why it is important to clean the air ducts in your home.

Air travels through the air ducts together with dust and dirt from the outside. The small debris usually contains cotton lint and pieces of paper fibers. This debris is a fire hazard, so you will not want them to be inside your air ducts. They will be very dangerous when the air ducts are not cleaned regularly. Another reason why you need to clean your air ducts is that they can be clogged by small debris either fully or partially. When this happens, it will not perform at its best, and it will only eat up a lot of energy. It will surely increase the expense of homeowners when it comes to energy, and it is also bad for the environment.

The ducts that are needed to be cleaned can also make your home less comfortable. The reason is the ducts will hold dampness when it is needed during humid weather, and it will also hold the heat when it is needed in cold weather. The debris that is trapped inside the ducts absorbs any dampness or heat and holds it.

Entry of birds, insects, and rodents can also be prevented if you clean it regularly. These insects and animals may enter the duct and die inside. Your air ducts will surely be clogged because of the dead bodies of insects and rodents. When this happens, people inside your house can develop allergies
Prolonged damp conditions inside the house may lead to the severe growth of fungus, algae and other disease-causing microorganisms inside the air ducts. As a result, they may produce harmful substances and release them in the air which you breathe. This can lead to severe worsening of asthma conditions in patients.

Large dust particles, suspended particulate matter (SPM) from cigarettes, and other micros contaminate from the air outside are pulled into the ducts of your furnace system through the return air side of the system inside the house. If over the years you do not get the insides of the air ducts in your house cleaned, it will lead to the buildup of such dust particles, which will eventually serve as the breeding ground of bacteria and other disease-causing microorganisms. In fact, statistics and medical studies reveal that most children who have asthma have been exposed, at home, to external stimulants up until the age of four.

Air duct cleaning is an absolute necessity if you have a pet like a cat or a dog at home. Pet fur tends to get stuck in smaller regions of the house, ventilation shafts, carpets and other clothing. These may aggravate not only the condition of people suffering from allergies but also promote the growth of bacteria and mildew. Getting carpet cleaning is also a good idea for the long haul. In fact, carpet cleaning is also extremely good in preventing the further growth of microorganisms and germs inside the house because carpets are usually where pets sit and interact with other members of the household.

Medically, it has been seen that one out of every six individual, whether they are children or adults, who suffer from any severe lung or the breathing disorder, have at some point in their lives been exposed to airborne bacteria in their home air duct systems. Also, even if there are no family members suffering from such problems, your air conditioning can be affected by the presence of dust or particulate matter in the air inside the house.

Top 5 attractions in Pattaya


Want to try something new? Pattaya is a great place for the adventurous traveler to explore. Get close to nature with an elephant ride at the elephant village, or spend time at the Nong Nooch Tropical Garden. Inexpensive water sports include windsurfing, sailing, water-skiing, parasailing, game fishing, snorkeling and scuba diving.

On land, visitors can choose from tennis, go-carting, motorbike racing, squash, badminton, bowling, jogging and bungee jumping or jumping off the highest seaside rooftop tower at Pattaya Park! The avid golfer can play a round at one of the world-class golf courses. Of course nothing beats swimming in the ocean or tanning on the beach.

1. Pattaya Water Park

This large resort and hotel complex is located in Jomtien, and features a tall, 240-meter tower with three revolving restaurants on different floors. There are three options available for visitors to choose how they would like to get back on the ground: Sky Shutter, Speed Shutter, or Tower Jump – determined by how much of an adrenalin rush you prefer.

At Funny Land Amusement Park, there is a roller coaster, or you can choose an even faster mode of transport in the Tower Shot. A monorail also runs through the resort. Massive water slides, Jacuzzi, whirlpools and a large pool for children provide heaps of fun, minutes from the beach.

2. Pattaya Elephant Village

Experience rural Thai life at this inspiring village and learn about the ways of old while reveling in the presence of exotic fauna. Take a scenic ride on a specially trained elephant and observe the slow pace of country life not found in the bustling city of Pattaya.

Watch as silkworms are harvested for their precious threads, check out old style Thai cooking rituals, trek through the jungle, and if you’re lucky visit with a rambunctious tame Gibbon. This is a necessary experience for nature lovers and those who seek a change of pace from the hectic pace of city.

3. Fun Stuff

For a more elevated experience CMT Flying Club offers ultra-light flights and light airplane cruises over the Pattaya countryside. Weekends 8-6pm. Note: Ultra-light flights are dependent on wind conditions so try to reserve in advance.

If you prefer to watch combat, you can check out Muay Thai Boxing where the Beach Road meets the Walking Street. You will see why Muay Thai is considered the king of Martial Arts.

The perfect place for those with an adventurous spirit, try paint ball with a group of friends at Jomtien Paintball World. A hundred balls and face paint for 500 baht, and you’re ready to cause havoc! Looking for something more exciting? Make your way to the hi-tech version of paintball at Ripley’s Laser Trek.

If you like guns, try shooting real bullets at Pattaya Shooting Range.

Go-Karting can be great fun too; both 400- and 700-metre tracks are available at Mini Siam and Pattaya Go-Cart Speedway. As for profession drivers, a 1,090-metre-track is available.

4. Vimantaitalay Submarine

Dive into the deep blue and explore the ocean floor up close and personal in this exciting submarine adventure. Guests are ferried out to the ‘Yellow Submarine’ in the azure blue waters of the Gulf of Thailand where their adventure begins. Upon submersion, you will have a chance to explore exotic coral reefs that feature an amazing selection of underwater species, some 25-meters below the sea. Skilled divers display a wide variety of amazing creatures, including puffer fish, sea urchins and if you are lucky, you just might see a rare sea turtle. The experience is dazzling and suitable for children and adults alike, be sure to book your place one day in


5.Jomtien Beach

Located about 4 km from Pattaya and 2 km from South Pattaya, Jomtien Beach is a 6 km long sandy beach. The place is an ideal destination for those who are looking for a tranquillising escapade from the humdrum of city life. This seafront is more popular among windsurfers as the area experiences fresh and brisk breezes from the Thai Gulf. Fringed with pine trees, this sandy seashore is also perfect for enjoying water sports activities like parasailing, jet skiing and scuba diving.

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