Reasons to get an African Drum

Everyone likes musical beats and everyone would have tried to drum, at least once in their life. It is fun and we know it. But what if you came to know that there are remarkable health benefits of drumming, especially African drumming! Yes. It is true. Many people are getting highly benefited through African drumming throughout the world, as it shows both physical and mental health advantages.

African drums like Ashiko, Conga, Djembe are really popular among regular drummers.

In addition to this, Here are top 5 reasons why you should get an African drum now, especially the best drums available out there.

1. Reduces Stress and Anxiety

African drumming gives you quality time alone in which you only concentrate on drumming. After enough time of drumming, it requires you to take deep breaths. It is a really good combination of music, exercise, concentration and deep breathing and all this together helps you to forget about your tensions and stress. Regular African drumming has helped many people to become significantly full of life and energetic.

2. Induces team spirit

There are several African drumming circles and group in many areas as it is becoming very popular. When you play with the group, it not only creates really beautiful and harmonic music but is also induces team spirit in every member of the group as everyone is trying to be in one rhythm and focused in one direction.

It also helps you deal with social anxiety and builds your self-esteem. It is a really wonderful exercise especially for shy people to open up.

3. Improves the overall ability of your brain

Most of the people live a lifestyle that makes their brain conditioned in one way. It is neurologically suggested that regular drumming can open up the brain and make it function better, cognitively.

Therefore regular African drumming can also improve overall intelligence level, especially of youngsters and children. Many psychological studies have shown that musical instrument like African drum can help children to hone their attention at one place.

4. Develops a musical sense

Playing an African drum of any kind is quite easy. Therefore even if you haven’t played any kind of musical instrument before, you can learn it quickly.

Now when you play it more often, a subtle sense of rhythm and music is developed in your mind intuitively. It also helps you to enhance your listening ability and helps you to pay attention to little details of the sound.

5. Relieves your pain

The enjoyment from regular African drumming distracts you from the pain anywhere in your body, even from the chronic pain. Natural painkillers like endorphins get generated while playing the drum which helps your body to heal the pain quickly.

If we think one step further, one of the common reasons for bad physical health is poor blood circulation. While playing an African drum you sit in a certain position and use your both hands. Due to this, there is an increased blood flow through your hands to your entire body which you can feel instantly.

In conclusion, it is really visible that a small step like getting an African drum can change your life entirely in the good direction. A simple drum, making such a revolution!