Stress faced when moving home

“Change is inevitable”, and so is moving homes. Everyone has to go through this chaos of moving homes at some point in their life. If only we would have been robots and our brains were positronic, we could have managed everything in half the time and energy, but alas! We are not. Moving homes pose challenges at many level-financial, physical, social and psychological. It is an important decision in one’s life and not something that can be done with the blink of an eye. In the hassle of doing all the things perfectly, we as humans tend to forget a lot of important things. Well! Not our fault, because humans are designed so, and it’s natural that they can’t recall everything. But only if use the guide from, it can help you remember things at every step, the task becomes a cake walk.

The first thing that is the pinnacle of moving, is the decision of moving. The brain is bombarded with uncountable questions, and of course, they make sense. You need to ask yourself these questions, see the pros and cons and then decide to move. Shifting comes with both opportunities and insecurities. To decide to move, you need to do a very detailed research on where are you moving. How is the area you are moving into? The area should be economical to you to meet your expenses, including the home-one that suits your budget, your needs, and your preferences. The safety, prosperous neighborhood, accessibility to the workplace, availability of essential amenities are the foremost things you need to check before you decide to move. Also if you choose a home with a mortgage less than 25% of your disposable income in order to manage your lifestyle. A climate that suits your health and your living is also important.

After you have decided to move, it’s very important to check your financial status. A moving budget is a must. You need to plan and streamline your expenses properly. To decide where to spend is important, where all you can cut down and save. Selecting a professional mover is important. Also not to forget is to tell your mover about your necessities and what all need to be moved is equally important.

The small bits that tend to slip out of our minds need to be paid attention to simplify your chaos. It may sound obvious but with so many things going around, there is every possibility that you will forget to label boxes. If you do not label the boxes, it might confuse the movers and you might end of losing some of your important commodities. So to avoid damages and breakages, you need to label things well. Also, you need to give time and choose the appropriate packing material. And in the rush, you might forget to do so. Make sure that your packing materials can bear the weight and avoid tampering during transport.

The quantities of these boxes should also be adequate enough as putting too many stuff in one box might leave the box half open. Making a checklist is something that most people forget taking it for granted. If you make a to-do list and tick on the work that is done simplifies your job. You have to make sure that you have not packed the important things and “accidentally” not left the important ones. Having a checklist will do half the job here with no ado. When you are packing, you need to separate out an essentials box that you will require in the new house as soon as you move, until you unpack and settle down. So think of all the things you might need immediately and separate them in a box. Apart from these things, it advisable beforehand to cancel the recurring charges from gyms, to change your mailing address, inform the car insurance company. These are things people easily forget to do.

Last, but not the least, remember to pack your plants because they have the special attachment to you. They will make you feel homely in your new shelter!