You may not think of it often, but skimping on a proper beard trimmer is a great way to go from attractive to oddball wolverine.

It’s just like getting a bad haircut.

If you go to a stylist that charges pennies, don’t expect salon-style results.

The same goes for beard trimmers.

Here’s what you want to look out for in order to not get scammed on a trimmer, advice from the experts at

Are there enough blade lengths? A cheap trimmer may only give you a few options.

This is not good. Because the length of your beard will vary. What we mean is, the length at your neck is going to be different than the length at your chin, and so on and so forth. If you have only a few lengths to choose from your trimmer is no good. Your beard will end up looking sloppy and under-groomed.

Power is also something to look out for. A cheap trimmer will literally have no power. In any good trimmer, you want those blades moving at a fast clip, right? Otherwise, you run the risk of yanking out hairs and that never feels great for anyone.

If the power on your trimmer is strong (ie. it’s not a cheap trimmer), you will never have to come across this painful problem. Slow blades also run the risk of not just pulling hairs but also cutting your skin.

Avoid that by actually purchasing a good trimmer.

The quality of the blades is also something you will find hugely lacking in a cheap trimmer. Blades that have to constantly be oiled or sharpened is a huge inconvenience for you. Because, lets face it, taking apart your beard trimmer every week to clean it isn’t something any of you really like to do, right? It’s time consuming and annoying as hell. But it’s necessary if you own a cheap trimmer because what happens if you don’t sharpen your blades? Yep, you guessed it. You get burns, cuts and pulled hairs. Really good beard trimmers will have a self-sharpening feature and/or maintenance free features. This will ensure that you never have facial discomfort after using a great trimmer.

If you plan on getting a corded beard trimmer, then skip this part. If not, read on. Charging time and battery life will be your first indicator if your trimmer is total crap.

Here’s kind of the benchmark to go by:

A decent trimmer will probably need about 8 hours to fully charge and with those 8 hours you can expect to get about 60 minutes of trim time. Anything less than that is going to be waste of your time. This may not be horribly important to you, but just think:

What if you have to travel and your trimmer conks out on you? Now you’re stuck with a no-charge device and that scruff is only going to get scruffier by the day. Don’t turn into a wolverine just because you bought a cheap trimmer.

And a cheap trimmer won’t have great features.

Sure, most of these features are simply for convenience, but that kind of stuff matters when you’re in hurry or traveling. For instance, a cheap trimmer won’t be waterproof. Being able to clean it via water and not that stupid little brush will save you a ton of time. And, just imagine how easy it would be to trim your beard in the shower! Another feature you won’t find in a cheapo is a vacuum.

Sure, it may not be necessary, but having to clean up all those tiny hairs is a pain. You almost always never get them all and they end up everywhere.

A vacuum on a nice, fancy trimmer will have this feature and save you a lot of mess.