The Top 5 Countdown: Reasons to Stay at a Luxury Villa

Most folks don’t get to take a dream vacation very often, if ever. If you ever do get that chance though, don’t you want it to be the most perfect experience imaginable? If so, consider staying at a luxury villa instead of a hotel and, here are the five best reasons:

#5 – Pet Friendly
For many of us, our pets are as much family as our children or spouse. It’s heart-breaking to leave our pets behind to take a vacation, not to mention how expensive it is to kennel them or pay someone to care for them while we’re gone! The good news is that many luxury villas at cabo villas allow pets. Luxury hotels do not! That means a couple of things for you – you don’t have to leave your beloved pets behind and, it is one less expense that you need to worry about!

#4 – Family and Group Friendly
When vacationing with a large group or your family, staying in a luxury hotel presents some problems. First, there is no guarantee that your group will have rooms close together – that makes it tricky to co-ordinate a group vacation. Secondly, at a luxury hotel, you could pay more than $500 per night per person – for a group of four, that is $2000 per night! That is intimidating for anybody’s vacation budget! Wouldn’t it be better to rent a luxury villa with enough room for all at a fraction of that cost?

#3 – Privacy!
No luxury hotel anywhere can match the privacy you’ll enjoy when you rent a luxury villa! First of all, you’re not sharing your lodging with hundreds of other people. Second, most private villas are off the beaten vacation path – they are found on private beaches or nestled away in cool forests – places that are not crowded with tourist attractions and other people. Plus, you don’t have just a room all to yourself – you have an entire home and estate at your fingertips to enjoy as you wish!

#2 – A Unique Vacation Experience
You have more choices available for your vacation when you book a private luxury villa! Luxury villas are available with all sorts of amenities – if you are a hiker, rent a private villa in the Alps; if you fancy a midnight swim, go for it – villas don’t have “open hours” for their pools; if you want to experience life on a private beach, rent a villa that has one and experience your fantasy first-hand. Private villas do not have the limits on amenities and space that luxury hotels have.

And, #1 – All Around More Cost Effective
Here’s the bottom line, booking a private luxury villa instead of a hotel room will save you money. Luxury villas are generally less expensive per night than hotel rooms. You can prepare your own meals in a villa which is a lot cheaper than room service or eating out every night. You don’t need to pay kenneling costs for your pets at home. For everything that comes with a private villa rental – the privacy, the space, the flexibility – you won’t find a better value in any luxury hotel!

There you have it – the 5 best reasons to book a private luxury villa for your dream vacation instead of a hotel room. You can’t beat the privacy or the value you get for your money!