Types of jewelry that can be repaired

Even the most expensive piece of jewelry will eventually wear out.This may be due to the fact of wear and tear or an accident, not even your favorite most adored piece of jewelry will be spared, chances are high that sooner or later it will need refurbishing and repair if you want to continue wearing it. The most important thing is to repair it as soon as possible since wearing it in a damaged state will only increase the damage, making it more expensive to repair or in worst case scenario it will be beyond repair rendering it useless. So let us look at the importance of repairing your jewelry or why you should repair your jewelry with jewelry repair stores near me.

Broken links

The chain of Necklaces and bracelets usually weakens with time this is due to the normal force experienced while wearing your jewelry, this may eventually lead to the breaking of the individual links holding the jewelry together. Although it is an easy task to fix or replace it something that you can do at home it is way better to let a professional handle it.

Faulty Clasps

Clasps are usually prone to wear this is due to the fact that they are the parts that move a lot in necklaces or bracelet, it’s also the part that endures the burden of pulling and tagging.A faulty clasp may be fixed easily by replacing it with a new one, this can be done easily at home though at times the problem may be complicated, it may show a deeper structural problem by breaking more than once or failing if this is the case then it is better if a professional handle the repair.

Worn down metal

Metal usually wears down over time due to friction, the type of jewelry that wears down faster is rings either wedding rings or engagement rings. this can be attributed to the fact that they are always put on for many years, and the friction between your skin and the ring wears down the metal little by little creating a weak spot which may eventually cause the ring to break.This can be fixed by having an expert add metal to the weak spot.

Lost stone

It is painful and heartbreaking to lose a precious stone more so of your most cherished jewelry, but losing a stone of your favorite jewelry doesn’t mean the end of you wearing it, a professional can replace it though it can be quite expensive but its worth preserving a treasured jewelry just by replacing a gem.

Worn claws

Claws are normally used to hold gemstones in place, Claws or prongs wears out with time and eventually, they may break leaving your stone out of position especially if it is more than one claw that has broken.it can be fixed by consulting an expert who can build back the prong by adding metal to it.a claw can also slip out of its original position this may be due to an accident that causes a physical blow on the piece, a professional can expertly bend the claw back into position.

If your jewelry has any of the above problems then its time to start thinking of repair, it’s enough reason why you should repair your jewelry.