Why are air plants becoming so popular

Today, many people follow the principles of air plant to improve air quality in their homes. Research has shown that we suffer not only from external pollution but from internal pollution. So, by cultivating air purifying plants in your home, you not only improve the quality of the air you breathe but also curb appeal in your home.

Air plants are a type of plant Epiphytes, which necessarily means they do not need soil to grow It requires a support base to start growing even though it is not like a parasite. The plant gets its nutrients from the particles of moisture and floating dirt in the air. Plant roots are used primarily as a means of attaching themselves to a supporting body. Something great in the air sows its beautiful colors of flowers and flowers. In this case, become large in a variety or as a gift.

When grown as an indoor plant they can add a nice decorative element to any place you live As with other plants, sunlight is an important plant growth factor. The light provided to this plant can be artificial lighting or natural sunlight. The air plant enjoys direct sunlight, but do not leave it in for long because its leaves will burn. You can make your home green by introducing plants and indoor flowers.

An air plant not only serves for decorative purposes but also plays a defensive role against indoor air pollution. The study area also studies that indoor plants can contribute significantly to your psychological safety primarily because looking at nature proves to reduce stress and makes people more relaxed.

Indoor air pollution results from a number of reasons, such as the use of air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, and poor ventilation. Indoor plants help clean the air, give the cooling effect, relieve stress and produce oxygen. Many complaints such as allergies, dry throat, headaches, and dizziness are the cause of poor air quality. Therefore, it is very important to improve the air quality within your home.

Air plants purify the air by absorbing dust and other particles. They also create a cooling effect by increasing the level of oxygen and moisture in the air. Studies have shown that many indoor plants have the ability to absorb contaminants such as formaldehyde. Also, it is known to act as a natural remedy for the “syndrome of building patients”.

Air plants are more impressive as they can be displayed in countless ways. Inverted plants cannot be suspended with stone, ceramic, wood or plastic sculptures but air stations can be displayed in any form. Many people make beautiful wreaths, botanical sculptures, and even jewels to get out of them. They can be glued, tied, or tied to almost anything.

Air plants at home may reduce many harmful components of indoor air pollution, specifically certain unsafe organic compounds that carry the name of toluene, benzene, and the zillion. These compounds are removed primarily by microorganisms in the soil. Plants can also remove excess carbon dioxide from the home environment that is responsible for weakening our work performance. Plants also appear to increase moisture and reduce airborne microbes in the domestic air.