Why You Should Donate A Car to Charity

There are many reasons that people choose to donate a car to Charity. It can benefit the needy, help many charitable organizations that support research, hospital funds and other charities.


Did you know that giving a vehicle to charity can save lives? Not only can you make a difference in the organization, but you can also directly affect the well being of a person involved with the charity.

Customers can go on the internet and find up to one hundred websites that allow car donation information and contact details for the companies that will come and pick up the vehicle free of charge. Use the internet as a valuable tool when deciding which company or charity that you are going to donate your car to.


Did you know that many of these companies will come and pick up the vehicle within a week of contacting them? What is done with the parts of the car, or the entire vehicle can be sold to an organization which can create valuable funds for the charity to research, save lives or improves the living conditions of hundreds of people. When you choose to donate your car to charity, it is a humanitarian action which can create a wide variety of recognition for you as an individual or as a business within the community.


There are also many reasons to donate a vehicle which can benefit the customer. Getting rid of the vehicle is often free, compared to the price of hundreds of dollars that it could cost to have the vehicle removed from the property. Sometimes, when a car is not running – it can cost upwards of two hundred dollars to remove the vehicle from the building.


Did you know that the customer can gain a valuable tax receipt that can save hundreds or even a thousand dollars on your next tax return? This combined with the added space that will come when you remove a vehicle or two from the lawn gives the customer more than one reason to donate their car.


When you donate a car to charity, the process is simple – the company is contacted and will arrange a date for the pickup of the vehicle. At this time, the owner of the vehicle ill give over the rights, and then a receipt will be provided to the vehicle owner determining that the vehicle has been given to charity.


Depending on the type of vehicle, and the type of donation there may be a cap on the amount of the receipt which can be used to gain a valuable tax refund. In most states, the maximum number that can be obtained from the vehicle is up to ten thousand dollars.


Did you know that in most cases, the vehicle doesn’t even need to be running to be picked up from the charity? Many charities have access to towing companies which will remove the vehicle free of charge for the charity, from the home of the car owner.


Take part and donate a car to charity. Save money removing the vehicle from your yard today.